using a collection of 99.9% pure quartz crystal bowls, nepalese singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, drums, gongs, and other sound tools, i offer individual sound healing as well as sound baths for groups (as space allows). sound bypasses the logical, rational, decision-making parts of our brain to access sub- and unconscious, as well as cellular level processes through vibration.

the droning, therapeutic tones of sound healing instruments bring the listener on a journey through various brainwave states, from more active beta (alertness and concentration) down to alpha (relaxed reflection and creativity), theta (increased creativity and relaxation, light sleep), delta (deep, dreamless and healing sleep), and on occasion, gamma (transcendence and insight). 

my goal as a practitioner is to aid the listener in deep relaxation, a passive inner alignment, and transition consciousness. i utilize reiki in both individual and group sound sessions to aid the sound/vibration in shifting and moving energy that may be stuck or erratic. intention is an essential component of this work as well, and becomes a focus during individual sessions.

individual sound bath healing: $80 in studio, $120 in your home

group sound baths: 2 people, $45/pp,  
                                  3 people, $35/pp, 
                                  4+ people, $30/pp.